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Dynamisis, LLC is a leading business consultancy organization specializing in internal operations.
We work with our clients to improve processes, systems and accountability measures that create
an environment that people look forward to working in.
Clients develop the ability to:

  • Improve the flow of information.
  • Revitalize the culture of an organization.
  • Infuse energy and teamwork amongst team members.
  • Structure the business model around sound, proven and logical formats to aide in
    transitions as the business evolves.
  • Create a safe and respectful working environment where every person is a valuable
    part of the team.
  • Embrace how behavioral differences strengthen the team and develop different areas of
    the business.

At Dynamisis we are committed to building strong, healthy, professional and reciprocal
partnerships with local businesses who share a chronic enthusiasm for improving the
state of our economy through focusing on the rise of the small business sector. One of the
supplemental services we provide is access and understanding of how everyone in our
organization can help structure the environment and quality of the workplace through the
understanding of behavioral styles. We are certified facilitators and distributors of the
Everything DiSC Workplace Assessments.

DiSC Workplace Assessments. 
Everything DiSC Workplace focuses on:
   Discovering Your DiSC® Style
   Understanding Other Styles
   Building More Effective Relationships

How the Program Works for You
Everything DiSC Workplace is the most in-depth, analytically created and yet easy to understand DiSC-based workplace-development tool around. Workplace-specific, personalized content and group comparisons creates an in-depth learning experience for everyone involved. The delivery of the material and outcomes can be designed in different modules which allows for a customized program that’s right for your organization.