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"I've learned stuff about myself that I really never thought was in me. I have a lot more confidence and am willing to be my-self in school and with my friends."
- Carrington, 7th grade



"This class changed my life.
That's when I realized this class actually did help better myself. I started to make more leaders-hip commitments to myself so I could be a good person."
- Kayla, 6th grade



"I learned how to change my
actions and how to become a
leader. Also, I learned when I
do bad, it doesn't just affect me; it also affects my class. I'm learning how to take responsibility for my actions."
- Malik, 7th grade


Youth enrichment programs address the growing need to provide a
forum for young people to breakthrough barriers while experiencing
a variety of situations. Programs are created to focus on key areas for
student enrichment.
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Helping Young People Destroy Fear by Developing Self-confidence
and Realizing that their Greatest Ability is their Ability to Choose.

Breakthrough to Success

Through a structured process, students are taken through a 6-week series exploring how to
grow in self-confidence, motivation, enthusiasm, passion and how to take control of their future.
By allowing students to realize their greatest ability - their ability to choose- students graduate
the program with the aptitude to accomplish the goals they have for themselves. By creating an
environment of support and encouragement, this series provides an outlet to discuss how our
behaviors come from choices we make. Students will be able to have a successful experience
speaking in front of the class on a topic that they are comfortable with.

The sessions are broken down in the following order:

First Impression
The power of the first impression is critical. When interviewing for the first job, meeting a
potential scholarship board or making new friends, how we are perceived is determined within
the first few moments of meeting one another.
This session is focused on developing the ability to express who we are through more than just
our words. Students will participate in a variety of ‘first impression’ experiences.

Goal Setting
Visualizing and verbalizing our goals is important as we prepare for our future. This session is
designed to have students choose a person they know and look up to. Students also choose so-
meone from history that shares similar qualities with the person they know.
Questioning models will be provided to engage the students in this process of self-discovery.
Research will be encouraged for greater recognition of behavior.

The Vision
The vision session allows students to share their findings by presenting a 30-60 second review
of observations made about the behaviors of the person they know and look up to. They will
also share who from history they have chosen to research.
By creating a link between a person they know and a person from history, the relationship
between actions, behaviors and choices becomes quite clear. This session will focus on our
greatest ability: the ability to choose!

Accountability is centered on the concept of what our responsibility is as a contributing member
of society. Connecting how our behaviors, choices, and words affect those around us. The class
will make commitments to each other by creating an atmosphere of positive support, cooperati-
on, respect, and accountability. The class will create a web with their commitments that will be
charted and tracked. Students will learn to hold one another accountable for their actions in a
positive way.

The Key to Success
Preparation is the key to uncovering challenges before they become reality. The key to success
can be broken down into 3-P’s: Purpose, Passion and Pride. This session has an uplifting and
motivational message about life. Students discuss the attributes people they look up to have.
The real key to success is how we treat one another. Students will learn the cycle of develop-
ment and how that is connected with our own abilities, skills and behaviors.

The Future
The Future session marks the part of the series that students create a 60-90 second talk based
on their findings of what the person they know and look up to has in common with the person
in history that they chose to research. The talk is to encourage a deeper level of thought regar-
ding how the people we know and the people we study relate back to ourselves. The Future
talk ends with specific actions that the students will take to achieve their future goal.