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Dynamisis, LLC has developed a way to get business people to work on their business...not in it.
Through realigning actions with intentions, businesses are migrating from a reactive state to
using systems and processes that produce consistent patterns of productivity. With the Dynamisis
systems, clients learn how to execute the fundamentals of their business consistently, by creating
an environment where people work together. Revitalize your business today!


  • Revitalize the culture of an organization by infusing energy and team work in the
  • Restructure your business model around sound, proven and logical formats to aide in
    transitions of your business.
  • Create a safe and respectful working environment.

Four-Stage Progressive Process

Stage One: Plan
This stage is designed to focus on strategic business development rather than on mistakes of
the past. Stage one also includes developing the mission and strategic direction of the company.
As an owner, knowing where you want to go is only half the battle-it's getting there that is the
hard part. Energy is infused into the business and creates a true team mentality amongst the
staff. We optimize businesses by focusing on solutions rather than problems.

Uncovering the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats of your business will allow the
proper attention to detail that is needed in order to overcome challenges that deserve immediate
attention. After analyzing the report, we create an exclusive plan that will be our focus for the
duration of the project. Goals will be set, a rigorous project outline will be implemented and the
road to an optimized business will be cut.

Stage THREE: Implement
Over time, businesses get lost in the process and forget why they are in business in the first
place. By involving all team members in the planning stage, their ideas create efficient systems
that result in eliminating wasteful and unnecessary steps and tasks that ultimately improve work
flow and inner office operations to maximize worker efficiency through building an environment
where they all work together.

Stage FOUR: Evaluate AND ENHANCE
The Dynamisis system incorporates progressive change to old fashioned business processes that
hold companies back from being peak performers. We enhance the well developed machine that
is already in place with an innovative and individualized approach to business management. The
Dynamisis system creates the most productive and efficient work environment possible while
emphasizing accountability and discipline at the same time establishing a positive and fruitful
work environment.