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Our services are specific to how the functions, processes, systems and design of your office
affect the results and performance of your company.

There are three main areas of services:


The quality of service your company provides is connected to the kind of environment that is
kept. An internal operations assessment shows the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities
and threats within your business while involving the whole team in the solution. The result?
Your team begins to be productive, not busy.


Annual planning is good in theory. In most cases, the nature of a small business changes
month to month. Focusing our efforts in quarterly approaches, we've found that more can be
accomplished in a 90-day window then if we planned for the year ahead. When a company is
in alignment, all parts are move in sync. Companies that build off the creative energies and
experience of their team find a solution that everyone can own. Involving your staff in a strategic
planning session increases employee morale, work ethic and enhances the engine that powers
your business.


These programs focus on allowing the owner to start working on their business...not in it.
The primary target is on internal operation functions. Rather than taking a reactive approach to
business, why not start to use systems and processes that result in patterns of productivity?

Your consultant will partner with your team members to develop core competencies of operational
systems and business administration, develop office procedures and along the way, create an
environment that people look forward to working in. Performance improves dramatically when
energy is focused in one direction.

Realizing that change takes time, Dynamisis consultants emphasize the importance of introducing
change in small increments. By focusing our efforts in this manner, operational changes are made
possible through the accountability measures in place and the transparent communication that
tracks progress.

We believe that companies with a strong brand are more effective at creating brand recognition
then companies with a fly by night theme. We are proud to be associated with Digital Designs,
our web and branding company of choice. Digital Designs