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Dynamisis, LLC is a leading business consultancy organization located in Metro Detroit. We
understand that in order for your company to be successful it is important that your office
operates at maximum efficiency. At Dynamisis, our goal is to facilitate a process of discovery
as it relates to employee satisfaction, workplace dynamic and business practice. Clients learn
how to leverage existing resources to handle the business they currently have while preparing
for additional business without experiencing growing pains.

Family businesses going through generational transitions look for ways to improve business
practices and systems. Dynamisis consultants bring a fresh perspective on ways to capitalize
on current technology, systems and design. Companies that have been operational over
several years deserve to understand how the business environment has evolved. There are
certain dynamics that hold small businesses back if they are not addressed. When dealing with
a family business, it is critical to seek a third party, objective perspective when addressing when
and how the generational transition will occur.

Current employees are the best resources of any company. By including everyone in the process,
it results in additional ideas on how to improve scheduling, appointment setting, follow up,
creating new accounts, building your book of business and retaining the business you currently
have. Staff members feel empowered when they are able to be a part of the planning process of
internal change. Your Dynamisis consultant enriches the environment by providing transparent
communication during all stages of the program.

During times of frustration and hardship, it can be difficult to recognize areas of your business
that could be improved. Seeing things from a different perspective can be all that it takes to
identify new ways of operating your business.

Our purpose is to engage business leaders in a process of discovering new ways of doing

We have a passion for enriching the lives and business of the people we work with.

We take great pride in being a part of the small business community and are dedicated to the
development and excellence of our clients.

Realizing that change happens over time, we emphasize the importance of introducing change in
small increments. Over time, great change is possible by taking it slow and overcoming obstacles
one at a time. Accountability efforts are in place to ensure the implementation stage is
documented and accounted for. Improving the operations of your business affects every level of
your organization and it is our priority to keep the business running while enhancing the way
business is done.